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***Update: Video has completely transformed how my business operates in wildly and exciting ways. It has added extra value into just about everything I do. Find out How Video Redefined My Workflow and Transformed My Business, it might spark some fantastic ideas for you to use in your own business model.

There is another challenge starting March 11. 2019.

I greatly believe in this challenge and the value it offers. I build this challenge into my yearly goals and quarterly timelines. It’s a great time to get comfy on camera.***

*Disclaimer this post may contain affiliate links. They never cost you anything extra. They do help me out, if you ever do decide to buy something. And they also help me to see what I’m doing right in my business.Thank you. 😉 *

Even if you don’t know the statics you know you need to be using video in your content marketing strategies. Video has a huge ROI. It performs its job beautifully. Maybe you dream of being smooth on camera. You’d love to be able to talk without worrying about what you’re going to say. Some people make it look so easy.

But if you’re an introvert like me….

Well then being shy or worried about coming off as quirky in a video for your business can kill the dream before it even gets started. (Even though it’s our quirks and being ourselves that helps to increase our likeability. Ironic.)

I can hear you now, “But Gen….”

Let me share with you my first adventure into using video. I, like you might be, am not keen on the idea of being “seen”. I believe I have a face for radio as one of my favorite pod-casters once put it. *giggle* And I honestly had some unfounded misconception about me being able to do video, but I’ll go more into that later.

A while back, my friend Niamh (who is a video goddess) nudged me to do a video challenge. “30 days of video will change your perspective.”, she said. I didn’t want to. Nobody was going to like me. Nobody was going to want to hear what I had to say. Ugh!

I wasn’t perfect. (I’m still not, none of us are. *gasp*  It was a shock to me too.) And you can’t hide that on video!

But this is where Niamh (now wearing her friend hat) stepped in and told me I could do it. I would be okay. I should just give it try.

I trust her. She loves me and she wouldn’t steer me wrong. With a little bit of a grudge, which was born mainly out of my fear, I signed up.

The first day of the challenge came and I was nervous. I watched the first day prompt for the video we were supposed to create, three times. Each time hoping to hear, that I didn’t really have to be on camera, I could just make a slide show with my voice or something.


I followed the prompt. My hands were shaking. My smartphone wouldn’t take video. I had to use an ancient flip camera. I didn’t have tripod. (I stacked it up on books and used my purse to hold in it place.) I knew I was going to fail.

I recorded my video. I thought it was awful. I wanted to delete it. I didn’t want to upload it, but I pushed the button anyway. I copied the link and dutifully added it as a comment in the thread.

I was pretty sure I was going to be sick. I wanted to throw up!

I waited for the other people in my group to watch it and comment. I just knew they were going to tell me I should never do this again. I should leave. I wasn’t good enough.

I waited and…

Well, I’ll tell you more about what happened in a minute. Promise.

Now Would Be a Good Time for Those Video Marketing Stats

I can tell you that at the time of that of that first video, I wasn’t think about any of these kinds of stats. But if I had known about them, I might have had just a little bit more incentive to want to get comfortable on camera.

At the time, I was full of ….

Misconceptions about video marketing for your business

I thought video was going to be expensive. You needed all this equipment. You needed to look professional and polished. You needed a set or backdrop of something along those lines. You needed a camera man.

If you have heard about it, where video is concerned, I was thinking it.

But these thoughts turned out to be false.  It didn’t have to be expensive, if I didn’t want it to be.

I didn’t need a ton of equipment. Heck my little ol’ flip camera got me through that first challenge. I made a lot of my videos on it. I still use it sometimes ‘til this day. It’s great for catching the kiddos or the animals doing something hilarious that no one is going to believe.

Here is the biggest one that was holding me back. I thought I needed to look polished and come off as an expert (read stuffy know it all). That wasn’t the case at all. Actually, those videos don’t get the same kind of traction. Not like the ones I learned how to do in the challenge. (Surprised? I was.)

Where were we? Ah yeah…. I was waiting…

Want to know what happened next?

No one thought I sucked. No one cared that I wasn’t perfect. The others in the challenge with me had some nice things to say. They liked what I shared and it didn’t matter that it wasn’t perfect. They liked my video.

The funny thing was they were as scared and as nervous as I was in that moment. They were worried too. They had cool things to share, but were afraid no one was going to like them either.

We all made it through that first day. 😊 All of us finding out we weren’t that different. We all had worries, but it was okay.

Some of the Side Benefits from The Video Challenge

  • I met some extremely cool people.
  • I made a lot of new friends.
  • I learned a ton of new things about myself. Including some thought processes, that once tackled shifted my life in amazing ways. (That’s a whole other story in itself.)
  • I learned that stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t’ actually kill you. (Yep, still breathing and there’s a pulse.)
  • I got comfortable sharing on camera.

Your saying to yourself, “Whatever Gen! You just don’t get..”

Okay, I understand. “That’s your story Gen.” I hear what you’re thinking…

You’re not sure if you could do it. You’re not sure you would even like it. You’re not sure if video would serve your market. (Let me refer you back those stats, I shared, if you’re wondering about that.)

Now let me ask you this, “What would being comfortable on camera mean to you? What would that look like for you in your business, right now?”

Imagine for a minute, you’re whipping out your phone to make a 3 to 5 minute video on a hot topic in your industry, and then you share it to your Facebook Fan page or YouTube channel or both. It’s not a rant but a clarification to a misconception people have in your space. Because you’re comfortable, so are your viewers and they actually get the information they need to be better informed. They start thanking you, liking your video, and more importantly engaging with you.

It only takes you about 7 minutes tops to get ready and shoot that video. It took another 15 minutes for it to upload. (At which time, you can be doing other things.) You could upload to both Facebook and YouTube in about 30 minutes total. You share it a couple of places. And bam you’re done for the day. You’ve just had yourself a one hour workday!

What could you do with that extra time? I know video has helped me reduce time in the past. And it’s one of the things I use in my business when I don’t have a lot of time in a day. It will help you reduce your content time creation too.

When you’re comfortable on camera, you’ll be spending less time creating content. You have more time to do the things you want to do.

It makes you a better business owner because you can serve those that need you most. And because those videos are working for you, they’re establishing you as one of those “experts” in your field. (Minus the stuffiness.)

Creating Big Goals For Your Business Using Video

This year I am working on being more visible. (Eeekkk!) One of my strategies is video. I know it works. I know I can do it. But I’m admittedly a little rusty and nervous, again. Remember that face for radio. (Video is kind of like a muscle, don’t use it, and you atrophy a little.)

Call it fate, kismet, or law of attraction, but just as I decided this, my friend Niamh (you remember the video goddess) is having….

You guessed it… a video challenge!

Enough about my friend crush though…

I want to invite you to come along this journey.

Look you know you need to be using video. You know you want to create content in a faster way and in a way that makes a bigger impact. Video will do that for you.

You don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your videos. Just those in the challenge. No one else. Niamh will walk you through all the steps for you to make your videos unlisted. This way you will get feedback on your content. You’ll know what you need to do and what you want to create in your business.

It only takes about 30 minutes or so a day. There’s also weekends off. This isn’t one of those challenges that is going to take over your life, but it will change it.

Hop over to the challenge page and sign up to hang out with me for the next month. Start date is Monday, March 11, 2019.  (If the challenge has already started, join the wait-list and get informed as soon as the next one is available.)

Come have some fun. Make new friends. And Get Comfy on Camera!

*The challenge starts on March 11, 2019. Come join us and spark your love for video.

Now if you’re wondering at this moment why in the world a copywriter would be talking to you about using video in your business, video is just another form of words. Some videos need scripts (like video sales letters, which I do) and some don’t. I am not just here to share what I can do to help you grow your business. I’m here to share strategies that work. Video marketing works. And that my love is why I am sharing this with you. I want to see you succeed wildly beyond your dreams!

Dream big,

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