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I have some of the most awesome friends on the planet and I meet some of the most amazing people you could ever met.  Sunshine just happens to be one of those people. I meet her a few years back when I was doing some research in how food could be affecting my hormones.  We got to talking and we both had son’s that were on the autism spectrum.



She is an amazing woman and a terrific mom and I wanted to give all of you the chance to meet her too.  So I asked her to do an interview and she said yes.  Yay.  So here is what she had to say to the questions that I asked.


(And from now on I will be calling my interviews Terrific Tuesday because the people I introduce you to are just that: Terrific!)


Sunshine you and I have known each other now for quite a while and we have some things in common.  You have been a work at home mom for a while as well.  And I know that you have made some changes in your business, but you have worked at home for quite a while.  So can you tell me what working at home means for you?


A. Working at home for me means freedom. Freedom from someone who doesn’t appreciate that I’m a wife and mom first not understanding our special needs situation. Freedom from having someone breathe down my neck micro-managing on a project I’m more than capable of accomplishing if just left alone for five minutes. Freedom to take a break because my son is in the middle of an autism meltdown. Freedom to have the only limitation on my income be what I’m willing to put out there, not some cap on an hourly wage and someone not giving me enough hours. I could probably go on forever on this one Genevieve, but honestly, if I did, we’d be here all.week.long.  And I’d have to say, one last one, and it’s a biggie for me, freedom for me to be absolutely who I am.  I never felt free to be that in any job I’ve ever worked.


Why do you feel that it is important to be able to work from home for you and how does this compare to having to work outside the home for you?  Because I know you have done both and I would really love your views on that. 


A. For me, the hugest importance is my kids. We homeschool AND we have a son with autism who did NOT flourish in school, but has at home.  Portability also helps.  As a military family, we’re always on the move (at least it feels that way).  But it doesn’t matter where we move to, my business moves with me!  Also, schedule flexibility is key for me. I have a son who can have outbursts at a moments notice. You call in too many times for that at a job, and you’ll get fired.  And they can totally believe you the whole time it’s happening, but they still have a business to run that they need a body there for.  So it’s not personal on their part, it’s just business, you know?  The other big thing was child care.  Just before I quit the last job I worked outside of the home for in 2002, we calculated that after gas, expenses, and child care (which was the biggest money sucker out of all of them), I was only making $1-$2/hour to bring home.  So I was literally working for pennies.  I shopped smarter than that, so why wasn’t I working smarter than that?  Being able to work from home is a Godsend for us.


Why do you believe that most others feel that it is difficult to start a home based business?


A.  I don’t even know that they feel it’s more difficult.  Maybe in some ways, because people are used to just going in and being told what they need to do and then getting it done.  They don’t have to prioritize their time to make sure it gets done, because they are out of the house and that time is devoted to the job.  I think the bigger factor is, working from home, is taking your financial or your family’s financial health into your own hands.  And I would be willing to bet that scared all of us too when we first started.  Some people see that, get scared, and then choose the “security” that is supposed to come with a job.  I think it takes a certain kind of individual to see that fact, stare it down, and then take the leap anyway.



What advice would you give a mother that wanted to start a home based business?


A.  Where to start on that one?  First, know that this means that in some ways, you’re going to work harder than you EVER have before.  Understand that it takes scheduling, prioritizing, and sacrifice.  And pick something that you are good at AND that will make you money.  It’s all fine and gravy if want to pursue your passion.  And sometimes that can be your business too.  But if you’re pursuing your passion and you’re not making any money, then that is a hobby.  And no one, not your significant other, not family or friends, and not perspective clients will take you seriously if you don’t take what you’re doing seriously and do it to make money.  As moms, we have a tendency to want to help everyone.  And that’s not a bad thing, just make sure you remember your worth and actually get PAID for it.


What challenges do you have to overcome every day in order to succeed in your business?  How do you balance that out with your family life?


A.  It would have been SO much easier if you had asked what challenges I DON’T have.  I’ll put it the shortest, easiest way I know how.  Just like everyone else on the planet, I don’t have TIME for a business.  Yep, you read that right.  I don’t have time!  But here’s the thing that I think most people don’t really get right away… NONE of us do!!!  Having your own business is never about having time, or it being the right time, or no one will give you any time, or you don’t know where you’re going to find the time.


Having your own business is about commitment.  If you’re committed to it, nothing and no one can stop you.  I’ll be the first one to admit, there are some days where I don’t even get a crumb of how much I would like done in my business for that day done.  But I will do whatever I can in that day.  And the next day that comes up that’s not as chaotic with emergencies all over the place and me about to lose my mind because there’s just WAY too much going on… I can promise you the next day that is NOT like that. I crush it.  And I crush it Like A Boss.  I don’t know if it’s because I was a soldier before, or because I’m a Scorpio, or because I’m my own biggest competition and I always want to beat my best, but on the days where more can get done, I try to fit an impossible amount in.  Because I know there’s this thing called Life that can creep up on me the next day and maybe I won’t get as much done then.  That’s not time… THAT IS COMMITMENT!


And never take the no’s personally, ever. That alone can put you light years ahead of those who do!


I know that recently you started in a direct sales/network marketing business.  Can I ask you what that business is and why you chose this one?  What about your business let you know you it was the right fit for you?


A.  Thanks Genevieve, yes I did.  At the end of June I started with a company called Isagenix.  I chose this one because after raw food wasn’t working for me and my body anymore, I started to look for something that would, and this looked to be a good fit.  But I’m SUCH a snob when it comes to food, product, and supplement quality.  I blame that on my mom really. lol  She had me eating healthy and doing yoga at a very young age.  And some things never leave you.  I knew this was the right fit for me because first of all, health and nutrition are something I’ve always been passionate about.  Secondly, these products are of superior quality, hands down.  Thirdly, the compensation plan is right on the money for me.  I’ve done other network marketing companies in the past, starting in 1997 I think it was with the first one (it was either ’97 or ’98), and the compensation plan with Isagenix is the best one I’d seen yet.  Funny thing is, I wasn’t in it for the money to start.  I was in it for the superior product.  But I started making money without even trying just because it really IS that good!


How can people get in touch with you if they would like to know more?

While I’m not totally done customizing it yet, people can reach me via my website at  and if they wish to speak more, they can just click on the “Contact Me” link on the upper right hand corner of the website.



Dinner is too formal to me, but dessert is fun, so lastly if you could have dessert with any one person who would that be and why? 


A.  Ah, you didn’t say dead or living?  For anyone who has passed, I’d have to say Hildegard von Bingen.  That woman and her music, vast scientific knowledge, her faith, and her herbal knowledge have spoken to me since I first found out who she was in a Music Appreciation class.  I not only feel like I would learn so much from her, but I think just being in her presence, may be the one time I’d be able to just sit and be and absorb.  Not an easy task for me.


If anyone alive, I’d have to say Sir Richard Branson.  Not just because he’s a business genius and I know I could learn a lot from him (we all could really), but he did it HIS way and he never sacrificed fun along the way.  A man who can still have fun with it all is really just my kinda guy!


Thank you Sunshine for such an  amazing interview.  I appreciate you.  Such great advice.


As always to your freedom!



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6 thoughts on “Meet Sunshine!

  1. Hi Gen, Hi Sunshine…
    I enjoyed this interview. A homeschooling mom with her own business Whoopie! I commend you. Sunshine, it looks like you have obtained freedom in so many ways. I know many home school moms that have their own businesses and their children do benefit seeing mom being an entrepreneur.
    As for food….I thought I was the only food snob lol


  2. Just the name, “Sunshine” makes me feel happy. This gal is so full of commitment and talent. Her children will certainly benefit so much from home schooling. Thanks for the interview Gen and sharing your friend with us.

    • Hi Elaine. I know she has the best name right. And she is so funny. Every time I get to talk to her it brightens my day. Her children love being home schooled and they do flourish in the environment that Sunshine has created for them. :D

  3. Hi Gen and Sunshine

    What a great interview. I love the fact that women today can make the home business choice and be with their kids.

    I am a baby boomer and like everyone have had ups and downs through my life. My only regret though is missing so much of my daughters life while we built a business outside of the home.

    Well done Sunshine.


  4. Hi Gen -
    I enjoy interviews. I like reading/hearing about what other people are doing in their lives. Sunshine is quite a lady and it’s wonderful to hear her thoughts on having a home business. She’s honest too ” you’re going to work harder than you EVER have”! Very true! It’s not easy but well worth it. Thank you for sdharing her story. I love that you bring these interviews to us :-) your readers.

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