How Video Redefined My Workflow and Transformed My Business

This is the tale of how video completely transformed my business. The value it has added to my clients and students is invaluable. It has saved me endless hours of time and made miscommunications a thing of the past. Here’s my experience.

Last year I shared a post on How to Get Comfortable on Camera in 30 Days.

I talked about my friend Niamh and her gift for helping people get comfortable on video. That way they can share their message with the world.

I didn’t feel like people would want to watch my videos. (I’m still convinced I have a face for radio.) I found out that I wasn’t exactly right. People did want to hear what I had to say and wanted to know what I had to share.

I told you all about her video challenge and the amazing things I have learned from participating. I had been off the video horse for a while and I was going to use the challenge to get comfortable on camera again.

Now if you’re sitting thinking, “Hey Gen, that’s good in all, but video …”

Stop! Before you go down the proverbial excuse highway, let me tell you what has transpired since that last challenge.

I had just formed my business and was still in the startup phase (technically I still am). I was trying to figure out how I was going to offer value to my clients and customers. What besides my copywriting skills could I bring to the table to make my business a better service?

Of course, I was going to be able to bring the words. Anyone that knows me knows I love to write.

I have my marketing skills and strategy that was going to be part of the deal. But how was I going to package all that up and serve it to a fast paced, ain’t nobody got time for that, digital world?

I know that copy isn’t dead. You know copy isn’t dead because you’re reading this right now. But it’s not always the quickest route to clear communication.

Miscommunication can be a killer.

There I was staring at my business through the lens of my clients and students thinking, “How can I make this better? What will video allow me to do that I don’t have to offer right now?”

It was that question right there that changed it all.

What will video allow me to do differently?

At first, I had to fight my own backlash. As a writer my brain went on a spree of are you crazy moments.

“You’re a writer are you crazy? Why would you want to share your knowledge on video? Seems kind of silly don’t you think?”

Once I recognized it for the fear that it was. I let it subside on its own and started thinking about all the ways that it could help me.

Emails 📧

One of the biggest issues in my business is the massive amount of back and forth emails and revisions. And there almost always seems to be some form of miscommunication. I mentioned that project killer earlier.

These lead to delays, frustration, and time wasted that both you and your client. You both could be doing other things. Something more productive than whether that word should be misspelled on purpose. (Depending on the audience of course.)

It’s way quicker to hop on a two-minute video to explain your word choices or the psychology behind what your shared. Because sometimes it just hard to explain with written words sometimes.

Client Prospecting

I’ll admit that prospecting isn’t my favorite idea. And I was sure that I was going to have to do a whole lot of chasing instead of being courted. (Maybe it’s that whole Ugly Duckling complex I have going on. Anywho…)

I stumbled onto coffee chats almost entirely be accident. Several ladies in a row asked me to hop on a video chat with them. They wanted to pick my brain to see if we would be a good fit.

And while the time wasn’t quite right for those ladies. An idea started to form in my head. I could use the coffee chat to help me make sure I ended up working with the clients I could help. And I could make sure our working styles were a good fit.

Believe me when I tell you that not all money is equal. Some jobs aren’t worth double or even triple your going rate. Especially when you and the client aren’t a good fit.

Client Onboarding

It’s one thing to send a contract with a timeline breakdown of the project. It’s another to have a video conference and to go over the time line and the things you will need from your client.

You know you have their undivided attention. You know they are ready to help you with what you need to fulfill the contract. That both of you are happy and there are no surprises along the way.


As a copywriter there are times I must conduct interviews with clients, customers, and employees for the client. Conducting these in a video setting allows you to capture the true reactions to your questions. Allowing me to capture the true essence helps me know exactly what I need to say. And this leads me to….

Meeting Notes 📝

Need I say more. If you are recording your meetings, which you should, you’re less likely to miss something. You can always go back and replay it. 😊

That tip right there will save you hours per project.

Video Has Saved Me Quite A Bit of Time…

You would think that with all that I would have stopped going with the question. But I didn’t. I couldn’t.

Have I mentioned that I’m somewhat of an over achiever?

And this is where the magic happened in my business.

I was able to add to some real value to my clients in a way that I had never thought about before. In the beginning I was offering an audit service. I could tell you where some of your weaker areas were in your copy when it came to your business. This service also allowed me to help business owners that weren’t quite sure what they needed. *Which happens more often than you think.*

Now instead of my audit service, I offer…

VIP Days

This allows me to connect with a client and their entire team (designers, project managers, etc.). We can go through what they have at that moment. We can determine what data points might be missing. What they want to accomplish as their main goal during the project. Who else they may need to hire to complete the project. And so much more.

This also allows me to give them my undivided attention. I can answer any questions they may have and give them a detailed plan on how to reach their goals all in one meeting.

Video is invaluable in this service.

It allows me to offer these days to my clients no matter where they live. It helps to keep my costs down when it comes to needing to be on site to complete a task. This lowers the cost to my clients. They are only paying for my time and my expertise and not my travel.

Copy and content is much more than just words on a page. There is a lot of strategy, psychology, and understanding of markets involved.

But That’s Not All

I know it sounds like one of those bad late night infomercials. “But wait there’s more…”

This brings me to another point. What most people call the tire kickers in their business. Most tire kickers aren’t there to bust your chops or waste your time.

It’s hard finding someone you “vibe” with when to comes to your baby (your business). You’re not going to trust it to just anyone. Then enter that damn money issue. It keeps you from being able to hire them for their zone of genius. It’s a real bummer. And it can keep you from moving forward if you’re truly stuck. I wanted to solve that problem for people that came to me but couldn’t afford my rates.

Video has given me a way to do that. *Hey, I have been in that position before and its sucks. *

The best option for this problem?

Course Creation

My first course as a course creator was on how to create your own copy. It allows for my students to go through how I create my copy and the thought processes behind what I do. (I specialize in Connection Copy and that is what I teach)

The course itself has video elements to the lesson but has the bonus of a private group. Students have access to me. I run it as a group intensive twice a year giving them the opportunity to get my personal attention.

Since it’s an intensive, I also hold live Masterclasses (that are then recorded). These create greater knowledge by answering other students’ questions, so everyone can benefit.

I am currently in production of two new courses. And looking forward to releasing them in the next few weeks.

Which brings to me one of the biggest changes in my business thanks to video.

Marketing Myself

As every freelancer and entrepreneur knows, there are those feast and famine periods. There are highs and there are lows. And a big part of that has to do with income. How do you create a steady rate and have constant workflow?

Some freelancers suggest that you should always be prospecting. They do things like hunt down companies and cold email to offer up their services. There’s nothing wrong with that approach. But it’s not my favorite approach.

I’m not just a copywriter. My years of marketing training have taught me that it is much easier to sell your services to a warm audience. And audience that understands they need your services and what you have to offer.

🎥 Again video for the win. 🎥

Video lets me share my zone of genius with my audience and prospective clients in a way that other media would not. I have created not one, but two successful video series for my audience.

I’m able to answer their questions and give them solutions to their problems. I give away the kitchen sink. I lay it all out for them. And why, because I know when they need me for something, they are going to turn to me to help them get there.

That not only feels amazing, but it has led to more engagement, people on my list, and contacts. It has led to clients hiring me. I’m not worried about chasing clients because they are hunting for me.

That’s NOT the Only Rolls Video Plays

There are other areas in my business that I use video as well. But as you can see from the many things that I have listed here video has really added an element of value to my business that wasn’t there before.

It saves me hours of time when it comes to the back and forth and miscommunications that go along with my business. That alone helps me keep my cost down per project. Better communication also leads to less scope creep and revisions. Not to mention a better product for my client.

I have created more products and added value to offer my clients. It helps me to serve them on a much deeper level. And allows them to feel heard during the process.

Not to mention it allows me to help those that can’t afford to work with me. It is the best of both words.

Which leads me back to that feast or famine thing. Having a product line of courses creates a steadier stream of income. That will help to float me in between those months where I have my bigger contracts and clients to manage.

Now I have rambled on here quite a bit about all the things I have done with video.

It’s your turn to ask, “What will video allow me to do differently?”

What things would it save you time doing? How could you use it to add better value to your clients and customers? How could you use to help you go from struggling to finding your groove?

And don’t let those negative thoughts keep you from asking the question. You know the ones I am talking about here.

“I can’t do that.” “I don’t have time for that.” Or my favorite, “I’m afraid of video, no one wants to watch me.”

I have thought all these things too. Usually during a FOMO moment of comparing myself to someone else.

Don’t do it, Comparitis is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Don’t’ look at someone’s chapter 75 when your still on 3 or 10 or even 25 and think, “I can’t do that.”

YOU can do it. You just need to get comfortable doing it. 😉

And you can get comfortable pretty quickly…

Learn more and checkout Light It Up Video Marketing

What could you use video for in your business? That’s up to you. But you might find it completely transforms how you work and your business.

It’s only been six months since the last challenge. All of the things you read up there 👆 happened in just six short months.

*edit: It’s now been over a year since the last challenge and things are still shifting and improving thanks to video. This post includes affiliate links. I recommend this challenge because I know it works.*

To your big dreams,

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