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Copy Coaching/Editing Service: A Case Study


It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Jordann Jordan the owner of Healthful Prescriptions. She’s a certified health and wellness coach with a slight twist. She’s also a licensed pharmacist.


One of the things I love about my job is getting to meet new people and help them create the clarity they want in their business and in their message.


Jordann’s specialty and zone of genius lies in helping women with high blood pressure and high blood sugars manage their health. She guides them through what they can do to take hold of their health care (inline and in conjunction with working with their doctor of course).


She was seeing more and more of her patients leaving their initial diagnosis visit with nothing more than a prescription for medicine/medicines, a new diagnosis they knew little about, and feeling lost. This spurred her into action to find better answers and solutions for these patients.


When Jordann initially reached out to me it was to help her with content creation but looking over her writing style and her website I didn’t think that would be the best use of our time together. And I told her that.


See writing content for someone’s brand is great, but it’s got to be worth the money and time invested for both parties. It also needs to be a good fit.


Before we talk about issues, tweaks, or the exciting parts like results, I thought it would be nice to let you hear from Jordann herself. I’ll let her share, in her own words, about her experience. Below is an interview I conducted with Jordann back in March when we could both grab the time to sit and chat.





Content Wasn’t Her Issue


Jordann has a great writing style and shares fantastic information. I did a little digging and found that her biggest issues were:

  • Engagement
  • A slight mismatch between her message and her ideal client
  • Too many offers
  • Her work with me page didn’t match the rest of her website.
  • She was writing from an I perspective


















Excuse the screen shots of video pieced together, I lost my original screen shots of her site’s before, but I wanted to give you an idea of some of the issue Jordann was facing.


She scheduled a call with me. We chatted about what she was looking for and what her goals were for her business, not just her website, and I gave her my recommendations.


We discussed the issue of too many offers and how that could overwhelm a new reader. We discussed that her sites pages were disjointed and didn’t flow into one another. We talked about her work with me page and how it didn’t seem to match the rest of her site (it was off branding). And we discussed the writing as it was written more from an I perspective and less from a you perspective.


In other words, her clients and readers didn’t know what to do next and didn’t know how she could really help them solve their problem.


I explained the packages that I knew would meet her goals. I shared which one I thought would work best for the project and she agreed. She chose the Copy Coaching/Editing Package. It fit her budget and she’d get to learn more about copy. And I knew this would give her the best bang for her buck.


In about 30 minutes we had identified some of her issues, we had laid out a starting plan, set some initial goals, created a basic project timeline, and decided this was going to be a good fit for both of us. I sent her the contract to sign and her first invoice and we got to work on the project on the start date we had set.


Here’s a sample of the project breakdown:


We had an intense deadline with the first part of the project as we both agreed that the first thing she really needed was something to offer.


We created a product, the sales page, and an entire email sequence to go with it. I’ve got to brag on her a bit, Jordann is a beast when it comes to getting down to work.


It was ambitious. By the end of those first few days, however, she had a product she could adapt to any time of the year and it would allow her ideal client to get a quick jump start on their health.


The key ingredient here was that it allowed her potential clients to get a taste of what she would be helping them tackle. And more importantly a sneak peak into a bit of her coaching style.


This first step created a good flow for working with each other. She was a fantastic client and I loved doing this project. I could tell her what I needed and almost like clockwork she would have it to me within a few hours or the next day if it was something big.


She loved how I broke down the project timelines and kept each part of the project on a different list on the Trello board I had created for project management. (Something I do for every client and project I have that has a significant timeline or lots of parts.)


A few of the things we worked on:


  • We created an offer (Product, Sales Page, Email Sequence, and Thank You Page)
  • Worked on her Opt In (The Opt in, Squeeze page, Thank you page)
  • Restructured and re- wrote her Welcome Email Sequence related to the Opt In
  • Reworked and rewrote her website (Home, About Me, Work with Me, and Contact)
  • And I gave her the tools she would need to move forward with connecting with her ideal client when it came to writing content for her blog, emails, or social posts.


As you can see (from above) her site was pretty good before we started although a tad bit confusing. After we were done it spoke to her ideal client and started working for her.



Some of her results:


  • People engaging with her email list. They were replying to the sequence we created (even before we were finished with the project)
  • Excited subscribers reaching some of their goals they set from her Opt in freemium and sharing their excitement
  • Her first client before we finished the project (and 2 more in the six weeks before the interview)
  • 300 new email subscribers (from the numbers she provided before starting)
  • And an increase in her click through rates.
  • A thriving Facebook Community


It’s hard to judge the increase of the click through and open rates since we added an extra email that was not there before and the whole welcome sequence changed, but even comparing them to before, it’s obvious that her current subscribers are engaging more with the content.  They are also following through on the actions steps created in the emails.


I’m ecstatic for the success that Jordann has created in this short time. She has done some amazing work. Gone on to create a few challenges and has really nailed down her message and her dream client.


You can learn more about Jordann and what she has to offer over on her site at Healthful Prescriptions.


If you’re like Jordann and you feel like you are drowning in creating your content or something is just not working, then feel free to reach out and book a call with me. I’d love to see if I could help you tweak those little things to get your tribe reaching out to you too.




To your big dream,


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