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Maybe it's because I love Julie Andrews or maybe it's because I grew up with movies like the Sound of Music, but I've always loved listing off a few of my favorite things.


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Hey who doesn't love sharing and connecting, right?


*Disclaimer alert - I have to inform you that most, if not all, of these links will be affiliate links. (That just means if you click on something here and decide to buy it or join it, then that company gives me a small commission for sharing their great product with you as a thank you. It costs you nothing extra. And it helps me keep the lights on so to speak.) That's my little disclaimer spiel, you can learn more about my disclaimer here.


I have used these products for either myself or my clients and that's why I recommend them. And I do recommend them to my clients as well on a regular basis depending on what they need.


Let The Sharing Begin



Every boss babes dream is to create the perfect website. You're shaking your head yes right now. I'll casually pretend I didn't see that. Anyhoo... (awkward silence)


Yet I'll tell you know that perfect isn't really want you need to be shoot for because we all know there are hiccups that will arise as you go. So instead of promising the perfect website with the perfect tools.


I'm gonna share the stuff I use to get it all done.


Getting that Website Up





GoDaddy - We all need a domain name or 10. (Yep, I love me some websites.)

Web Hosting Hub - I love their C Panel and super helpful. Never had a problem.

Optimize Press - Is my theme of choice, but I'm a little nerdy.

Divi Theme - If your building style is a little bit more visual then I recommend this.



Tools That Help Do The Heavy Lifting




Convert Kit - We all need an email list. This is the autoresponder I use.

Mailer Lite - This is a good alternative to Convert Kit.

Thinkific - I use them for all my courses.

Business Checking Account - The fact is you need on. Do your research find a good fit.

Wave Accounting - Trust me you're going to need a good accounting software.



Courses and Programs




Light It Up Video Marketing - I've been friends with Niamh, the creator, for years. Her course really is the best at teaching connection through video. Not to mention she really helps you getting comfy on camera and with your message. I believe in it so much I take time out of my schedule to participate whenever she runs a challenge.


DIY Copy: Copy Made Simple - This is my personal signature course that walks you through the process of really creating copy that connects with your dream clients and customers. (Masterclass Intensives held exclusively for students twice a year.)


The Digital Gangsta - This really is like a Masters in Market and Business Building. No matter the type of business your looking to create online, Julie Stoin has got you covered. This course will blow your mind. Come drink from the firehose.



My Secret Sauce to Getting Stuff Done




Trello - I do a shiznit ton of stuff in Trello. I use it to manage my calendar for my day to day as well as all my client projects


Later - If you love Instagram, but don't have hours to spend posting. You'll love this.


Dubsado - I use this for my contracts at the moment, but it does so much more...


Zoom - I use this for everything from shooting quick video to client meetings.

Whew That Was A Lot



At the expense of sounding a little like an infomercial, "But wait there's more..."


I have a lot of service based babes that reach out to me and read my post. And girl have I got a fantastic little secret weapon for you. (Besides the Dubsado Client management resource up above 👆👆👆)



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