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Copywriting Coaching/Editing



I can remember being that entrepreneur that had more time than money. It was frustrating. I wanted my site  to be as gorgeous as the big name sites. The problem, I didn’t have the thousands of dollars to spend on the copy and tech goddesses that did that kind of work.


It’s why I vowed that when I opened my copywriting doors, I would make this option available for those ladies that were walking the road I had before..


With this package you get a Roadmap Call. We dig into your site, your funnel, your marketing, your freebie and your email sequences. We create a plan of action.


Then based on the goals we set up in the action steps we get to work on that copy. I will share with you my personal tips and tricks for writing good connection based copy. I will help you avoid the pitfalls. I will review and edit your work giving your feedback on what you could improve and what you are rocking.


Hint: Whether you realize this or not, you are probably doing a lot of things right and will only need a little guidance and a few tweaks to really hone your copy skills.






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