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Your post should have been published the day before and you were supposed to share this blog post link two hours ago. And yet you’re staring at the screen and wondering, “What the heck should I write?” Only “heck” has probably been replaced with a few more expressive expletives by now.


It’s that little d@%n blinking cursor of doom keeps just staring back at you. Mocking you…




Daring you to be brilliant! Ugh.


And your brain is starting to feel a little like that bowl of mush they serve to the orphans in Oliver Twist. “Please, sir, I want some more.”


So you push on and start writing anything that will come to mind, your grocery list, your to do list, letters to your mom. And 45 minutes later you have a hot mess and nothing to share.


It Wasn’t Supposed To Be This Hard


Everyone said to follow your passion and do what you love and build your business around it. Visions of sitting on the beach might have filled your head or maybe for you it was just being able to do something meaningful and add to the household income while still being the mom and doing all.the.things. for your family.


Serving others in a meaningful way, while still getting to be part of your kiddos life is important to you. #preachingtothechoir


It looked easy enough. Share what you know and what you’re best at, really solve that problem for whatever that might be. Then talk about it and share it with others. People are sharing their stories about it all the time.


They make it sound so freaking easy. It’s the generations version of Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come.” Only it’s not that easy. And just like in the movie, people look at you like you’ve grown a second head when tell them what you’re doing.


What Nobody Told You


Nobody once said a d@%n thing about all this writing.


It’s everywhere.


There’s copy for your content, your website, emails, marketing, social media posts, video scripts, and the list goes on. The stuff is everywhere.


Only problem is that you’re not a writer and you don’t have any idea of what to say.


And writing isn’t the only thing you have to do in your business. The hardest part is that you’re wearing all the hats, making all the decisions, and doing all the work. Not because you want to, but it’s where you’re at in your business at the moment.



I See It Everyday


I wish this stuff just came in a box. Well it does, there are some copy programs that you can buy that will spit out done for you content by ask you to fill in some questions. The problem is that the program has no understanding of your market or the language needed to help your ideal client or customer out.


These programs don’t offer the little bit in their copy that creates the connection and relationships that someone like me can help you build.


Those connections and relationships are what creates loyal customers and fans, without it well… it’s kind of hard to grow and keep a sustainable business. You are constantly have to throw money at finding new customers instead of learning to keep and nurture the ones you have.


I also get that it’s not practical or in the budget to have a copywriter on hand for everything you have to do either. That’s more money and hassle than you’ve got time for at the moment.


All though it would be ideal because then all that writing would get done and you know it would be creating assets for your business and connections with your ideal clients and customers.


There needs to be a copywriter in a box. Whip her out when you need her and put her back in when you’re done. For some reason this makes me think of all the old I Dream of Jeannie reruns I watched as a little kid. Imagine all the hijinks you’d get into if she were your copywriter? Anyway, I digress…




Wouldn’t It Be Nice If There Was Something In Between


Look I’m not worried about a machine replacing me anytime soon, because humans have some unique thought processes and at the moment only another human being is really capable of understanding and figuring that out.


Not to mention a lot of those programs are pretty pricey. At least the really good ones. And having a copywriter isn’t in the budget for everyone either. Especially in the first couple of years into your business.


I get tired of having to tell clients that I can’t help them because they can’t afford my services. And while I am not going to lower my prices. (Hey I have to keep the lights on so to speak.) I think I have come up with a solution.


I’m creating a something for you boss babes out there that will bridge the gap.


It’ll make that little d@%n cursor of doom a thing of the past.


I really want to tell you more and I have….all you have to do is click the link below to learn more.



I promise you’ll be glad you did.


Shhhhh…seats are really limited.


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