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One of the things that gets me about websites has always been the about me page. Yes, I get that you are a little curious about who I am and why you might want to listen to me. But did you know that the about me page of your website is the most visited page on your site in most cases?


NO pressure, right?



You’ve made it here and your wondering what a copywriter even does? Do I need a copywriter? Who would be crazy enough to choose to make a career involving writing at all? My content isn’t performing the way it should and I want to know what to do about it.


Those pie in the sky promises of pressing publish and getting a million subscribers in an hour aren’t reasonable, yet you hear about them all the time. They're half truths at best that make the rest of us feel like chumps when it doesn't work that way.


Here’s the deal. I love to write. I love to put words on paper or in a document of any kind and convey ideas, thoughts, and feelings to others. I always have. I was the girl who would write a three-page letter to her friend between classes. I wrote my husband “novels”, as he called them, daily when he was in boot camp.


I make my love of writing no secret. It’s why I became a copywriter. Well part of the reason...


See I have been learning, trying, and implementing my work online model for a while, years in fact. I have had blogs and successes in direct sales businesses. I’ve been a contracted worker and I have run my own businesses. I’ve seen a whole host of mistakes and I’ve made a quite a few myself.


I’ve learned during this time that there are some things you must have in place for your business to work. Good copy is one of those things.  But what makes good copy? There is  quite a debate on this topic and you can get confused quickly especially if you ask any search engine or one of the many copywriting "gurus".


There is persuasive copy, direct sales copy, conversion copy, and the list goes on. There is even micro copy for things like Twitter. Can you imagine getting paid to write the copy for tweets all day? There is a niche for that. But I digress.


I don’t specialize in any of those types of copy. That’s not my thing and it’s not what I do. See after years of writing online and learning from my own mistakes and others. I figured out that the greatest asset to any business is to be yourself.


My Office Assistant. Isn't she cute? Oh yeah, back to...


And that doesn’t really come across, in my honest opinion, in those types of copy mentioned above. Sure, you can share bits and pieces of yourself and sprinkle it around like a decoration on top. It even works for some businesses, influencers, and donuts, but not all.


The copy that I see work the best for the small business owners I work with happens to be a bit different. It’s conversational and connection building. I call it “connection copy” because that’s what it does. It builds connections between you and your audience, clients, and customers.


That’s it whole job. It makes you vulnerable, it makes your solution relatable, and it makes what you share valuable. It creates that all important know, like, and trust factor we all need as business owners. It makes you human. Not a business, not a robot, not some automated bot, but an actual human that cares and gets it.


When this piece is in place the selling and the pitching become easy. The conversions happen naturally because you are offering something helpful when it’s needed.


And the best part? If you get this piece right, people rave about you. They love you. And they feel like they really know you.


It’s why I love what I do. It’s why I love my clients and customers. I create those relationship building assets in your business.


It’s time you’re known for the things you love most about your business and the solutions to the problems you can fix. It’s time you are known for the value you have to offer the world. And it’s time that people know why it is you do what you do.


If this sounds good to you, then head over to my services page and check out the packages that I have available and let’s connect.


P.S. If you are reading this and still wondering about me the person, well I will give you the short version. I am wife and mom to three awesome kiddos (a set of boy/girl twins and their rascal of a brother). I love homesteading and chickens. I live in the country and the only true downfall is that sometimes the internet connections aren’t always that great. And I truly love living my life. It’s not always rainbows, kittens, and fairy dust, but most of the time it comes pretty close.




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