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Copy dead and lifeless? Delivering value and helpful content to your audience only to see it...


Clear... We need a crash cart! STAT!

You're not alone.

Gorgeous the stories I could tell. Well... Let's just say they could curl or straighten your hair.

Second it's not your fault. Here's why.

Everyday you are bombard with messages.  You have people telling you what cat food to feed Gigi. Or the not so subtle messages that your body will never be perfect enough. (Insert every underwear ad ever made.)

Guess what? Everyone you're trying to reach is having the same exact problem. It all starts to sound like so much noise. Your reaction after a while is just to ignore it.

It's hard to compete. You are quite literally drowned out of the  conversation, with those you are meant to serve, before it can ever begin.

What's a girl to do?!?

The answer is simple. Good copy. Now it's not the only part of the equation, but it is the biggest piece of the puzzle so to speak.

Copy isn't just about words. Its about the right words at the right time and in the right place. Don't have those things aligned and you're missing the connection factor!

Hi there. I'm Gen to all my friends, and after coming here for a little visit or some snooping, we are most definitely going to be friends.

Have a look around. Digging into my Start Here page to learn a little bit more about how I can help you. (I also share what up with the fairies.) Sneak a peek at the Services page to get a feel for the packages I offer. Don't see what you're looking for, but still want to know if I can help you, feel free to make your way to the Contact page and send me a message.

Stay a while and peruse the Blog. I have a lot of helpful tips on copy, entrepreneurship, marketing, and some fun stuff too. Hey we all have to have some kind of life outside of business right? Mines kind of quirky and I enjoy sharing that bit of me too.

Need some tools for your business. The hit Fave Tools and find out the things I use in my business. Why I like them. You might be surprised by some of the things you find there.

It's nice to meet you. Enjoy your time here. I look forward to chatting soon.

Your Essential 7 Point Checklist for Great Copy!

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Be sure to check out the done for you services. Everything from basic packages to custom orders! There's even an a la carte section.


"I like your conversational style! The details give this pizzazz."
-- Sue

"Great work. You have a natural style that paints a complete picture."
-- Jason H.

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